Race for the Cure

Now why would the employees of Teacher Created Resources drag themselves out of bed on a Sunday morning, in many cases before dawn, drive for an hour and then fight for a parking space? The answer is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Newport Beach, California. For the last seven years, TCR has joined together to walk as one as we raise awareness and money to help defeat breast cancer.

The cause is very near and dear to the heart of this company as our owner, Mary Smith, is a breast cancer survivor. When we did the first race Mary wasn’t able to join us, but the next year she led the group! “It was truly a highlight for me that I was able to walk with all the folks at TCR and race to help raise money for breast cancer. Every year since, I have looked forward to being there. It is a remarkable morning with a wonderful survivors’ tribute. Bringing my grandchildren with me has made it all the more fun!”

This year, TCR has its very own poster family. Mary and her family are representing the Race for the Cure on the poster that is being used all over Orange County, California to advertise the race.

2 thoughts on “Race for the Cure”

  1. Susan C.

    Last year the paraprofessional in my classroom was diagnosed with breast cancer, then our secretary was diagnosed, then our principal’s sister was diagnosed. We were all stunned when so many people in our school family were faced with breast cancer. What a wonderful thing, though, that I can say all three ladies are doing great! The Race for the Cure is so important! It’s fabulous to see TCR so behind this cause.

  2. Ina L

    It is a great cause and so much progress has been made. We do this every year so the cure can be found! Thanks for your story about school family. It’s really heartening to hear.

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