Old Teachers, New Technology

Through the years I have stayed in touch with my teaching colleagues. At a recent get together, I spent some time reminiscing with an old friend. We are both of a certain age and so technology and communication in the classroom as we knew it has changed dramatically. As my pal said, “It’s older teachers like us who have to learn the technology so we can teach it to the students.”

His comment gave me pause. Was he right? Is it older teachers who are to blame for not integrating technology into the classroom? I started to ask others who I know that are in the classroom. I can’t say that given my very unscientific poll he was correct.

What I found was that those I spoke with were more than willing to take the time to learn things, regardless of their age, if they had the right books and tools. Of course that’s when it clicked that at TCR we take helping teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms very seriously. Our books Blogging in the Classroom, Using Google Tools in the Classroom, and the Media Literacy series help both kids and teachers figure out ways communicate that didn’t even exist 20 years ago. These books help teachers to help kids make sense of all that is out there. It is what is new and what makes schools different then years back.

The way we communicate changes so fast, that it’s a yeoman’s job just to keep up. But the keeping up is important for all teachers and it is something we intend to do at TCR.

So how about you? What are you doing to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology and communication?

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