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After-Work Reflection in the Classroom

When students spend time doing a project either alone or with a group, often one important element of their learning is left out. That element is reflection. Reflecting on what has been done is a major part of learning. Here is a reflection sheet designed to not only help the student remember what he or she did, but also to help the student understand how the current experience will help him or her.

Click here for reflection sheet

These questions are designed in a way that there is no correct answer. They are open-ended to fit each individual’s own experiences.

If the reflection is done in the same manner and for every project, it may become monotonous to the students. Remember to have students reflect on only those activities the teacher feels need reflection. In addition, have students reflect in a variety of ways. Using the same questions, students can write their answers, whisper their thoughts to a partner, or share their thoughts with the class by going around in a circle.

Tip: Hang up a poster with the questions for easy referral. Students can then use the questions to foster a quick class discussion.

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